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 Approach to Treatment

You are unique!

As such, you need an individual treatment approach to make profound and lasting psychological, emotional, and behavioral changes. We will employ cognitive-behavioral therapy, a goal-oriented psychotherapy treatment that takes a hands-on, practical approach to problem-solving. We will focus on changing the patterns of thinking which directly impact your behavior, including interpersonal relationships with others. During therapy sessions, clients will be asked to participate in out-of-session exercises and activities, which will help facilitate treatment goals and objectives. This is used to help clients develop necessary skills needed to achieve lasting changes in overall behavior and social relationships.

I am here to help you initiate, maintain, and cultivate lasting relationships with others. Too often I have seen the devastation that broken relationships create. There is hope and healing for anyone who has suffered from this, but it starts with identifying how your cognitions and emotions played a role in the cycle of poor relationships. I am a firm believer that you cannot make changes in life unless you first understand who you are and how your experiences have shaped the choices that you have made. Many times I have been told, “I wish I knew why I kept doing….” Or, “I don’t understand why I keep making the same mistakes or choices that I know are not good for me.” Often times, there is a lack of awareness and understanding, but more often there is a perpetual cycle of thoughts and core beliefs that draw a person to engage in the same behavior, over, and over again. This constant feeling of “failure” can lead to depression, anxiety, broken relationships and marriages, feelings of insecurity and fear, poor self-esteem, anger problems, social isolation, and overall dissatisfaction with life.

Together, through the therapeutic alliance, we can make a difference. I am committed to helping you make changes that matter.


Therapy length may vary from client to client but this may be discussed during your initial intake. If you have additional questions about the therapeutic process or therapy in general, feel free to call me for a free phone consultation (714) 261-9832.

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